Short-Term Medical

Coverage that's flexible and temporary, so you can get the protection you need without the long-term commitment.

Short-term health insurance in North Carolina is an option for people who need cost-effective, emergency health insurance coverage. It's not a recommended choice for people who need frequent doctor visits, as benefits are limited and do not include features such as preventive care. Short-term plans can also deny or provide limited coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and they're not meant to be a permanent health insurance solution.

However, short-term plans can be a helpful solution for people:
Frequently Asked Questions
Coverage can start as soon as the next day in many cases unless further review is needed.
You can purchase coverage in terms of days, or months, up to just under one year at a time. In some cases, you may be able to purchase a limited duration plan that lasts for up to 36 months. Terms apply.
No qualifying event is needed in order to apply for a short term medical plan. Remember, pre-existing conditions may be excluded from coverage.
Typically, no. There may be limited coverage in some cases for services such as mammograms, PAP smears, prostate check-ups, and limited preventive care for children who are enrolled into the plan. However, most preventive care benefits are excluded from coverage.
Yes. Coverage can be terminated at any time during the policy term.

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