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Piedmont Insurance & Business Group has been assisting hundreds of restaurants with finding the right coverage for over a decade. In addition, we represent many top rated carriers specializing in restaurant insurance coverage, including Travelers, Liberty Mutual, GUARD, Amtrust, and more.

Having insurance coverage on your restaurant can protect you in the case a claim arises. Imagine this scenario: an employee spills a glass of water on the way back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, a customer enters and slips. Without insurance coverage, your restaurant could be at risk for a potential lawsuit.

Restaurant insurance policies vary in components and can be sold separately, although many carriers offer bundle packages consisting of multiple coverage types. A Businessowners Policy (BOP) could contain the following coverages:

General Liability Insurance
General liability insurance, also known as GL, plays an important role in restaurant insurance plans. It could provide protection against lawsuits, potential claims, and financial liabilities in the event a customer slips, the building is damaged, and so forth.
Workers Compensation Coverage
Workers' compensation insurance is important when hiring staff and could help cover the medical costs and a portion of lost wages for an employee who becomes ill or injured while working at the restaurant.
Property Coverage
Property Coverage covers damages to your building, contents, equipment, and/or inventory. This is strongly recommended, especially for restaurants.
Loss of Income
Loss of Income insurance helps provide a back-up source of income in the case of an untimely event during which you're unable to generate income for the business.
Liquor Liability Coverage
If your restaurant serves alcohol, liquor liability coverage protects your business in the case damage arises from your restaurant selling/serving alcohol to a customer.
Spoilage/Food Contamination
In the case of an untimely power outage or incident that causes food to spoil in the kitchen, this coverage will cover the costs of restocking the lost/spoiled inventory.

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