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The Holidays and Business Insurance

Published on Nov 14, 2019

As we near Thanksgiving and the flurry of activity that comes with the rest of the year, you may be feeling just slightly alarmed at how quickly the holidays are approaching. If you are a business owner and trying not to stress at the mere thought of dealing with the holiday season, we want to help you stay ~ cool and collected ~ through it all. Whether you own retail, run a restaurant, or have any sort of small business under your propriertorship, as long as you have your business covered with liability insurance, you can have a lot less to worry about!

There are a few factors to consider as Black Friday rolls around and the crowds of shoppers increase. Having more customers generally means a higher risk of shoplifters; make sure you are prepared for that with increased security and staff. Additionally, seasonal employees need proper training to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly through the holidays; and as temporary hires, make it clear to them if you are not providing them with health insurance benefits. Bad winter weather can also affect your business during November and December, so remember to stay updated each day in case you need to close your business for safety.

All in all, despite the craziness of it all, the holidays of the best time of the year -- and if anything goes wrong, we are here to get you through it. Happy Holidays!

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