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Back to School Bus Safety

Published on Aug 21, 2019

As the summer winds down and we start sending our kids off to school, we'd like to point out some important safety reminders for school bus transportation. About 25 million children in the US take the bus everyday, and while it is considered one of the safest ways to transport students to and from school, we still want to prioritize the protection of our clients who are minors.


  1. Walk your kids to the bus stop, especially if it’s in a less safe area!
  2. Teach your kids about safely staying on the sidewalk and not following strangers
  3. Make sure your children know to be respectful to the driver and the rules
  4. Encourage them to keep you updated via text


For parents, it’s both a relief as well as a new stress to start up the school year again. As classes resume and schedules fill up again, we hope that everyone has an amazing and successful year ahead!

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